Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yohoi IE8 Accelerators for Spotify and Released

A useful tool for Spotify

Getting rid of all those copy/paste key combinations using IE8 Accelerators.

One of the great new features of Internet Explorer 8, is the Accelerators.

As a music lover and programmer, I was starting to get really tired of copy/pasting artist and track information into the Spotify search field and decided to create a tool for it.

Especially for someone like myself, who just have to get through album and track lists I find on the web.
With the Yohoi Spotify Accelerator, I can now select either small amount of text, or a list, f.ex. from a list like

Creating this web site was really worth it :)

The Accelerator is available at Thanks to a nifty Firefox addon, the Accelerator can also be used in that browser!

You are welcome to try it out!

P.S. It also has a Preview window :