Monday, November 23, 2009

IE Music Search Accelerator for Lala released

Yohoi has released an Internet Explorer based Music Search Accelerator (addon) for the music player web site lala. The search accelerators from yohoi have a preview popup window for quick search. See the yohoi site for more information.

Download lala AddOn here

This addon is an addition to the existing accelerators for Spotify, and Rhapsody. They can all be downloaded from

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Search Spotify from a Web Page

Install the AddOn Tool
Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 8
Install the Free Spotify Search Accelerator for IE8

Use it for all your Music Listening Pleasure
Select some text on a web page (e.g. artist, track or album name)

IE 8 AddOn marked with Blue Arrow

You will then see the Accelerator Icon (The Blue and White Square Arrow marked in the picture).
Click on it to get Spotify preview Search Popup and click the green search link.

Spotify Search AddOn pops up

Thats it - Listen at your pleasure in Spotify

This last step is my favourite part :)

PS. I am in not associated with Spotify. This AddOn Tool is a Free Contribution to the Spotify Community. Please do enjoy and be nice :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quickly open Spotify Album URI in Google Docs

The Yohoi Spotify Search Accelerator now works for the Spotify album URI in Google Docs.

Spotify has for a time now, published new releases to their music database in Google Doc tables. The URI in the Google Doc is just a text, and not clickable, so you will need to copy/paste the URI into Spotify.

With the Spotify Accelerator, you select the text, and open the Yohoi Spotify Accelerator Preview window. There you will find the link.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yohoi IE8 Accelerators for Spotify and Released

A useful tool for Spotify

Getting rid of all those copy/paste key combinations using IE8 Accelerators.

One of the great new features of Internet Explorer 8, is the Accelerators.

As a music lover and programmer, I was starting to get really tired of copy/pasting artist and track information into the Spotify search field and decided to create a tool for it.

Especially for someone like myself, who just have to get through album and track lists I find on the web.
With the Yohoi Spotify Accelerator, I can now select either small amount of text, or a list, f.ex. from a list like

Creating this web site was really worth it :)

The Accelerator is available at Thanks to a nifty Firefox addon, the Accelerator can also be used in that browser!

You are welcome to try it out!

P.S. It also has a Preview window :